2022-08-29T20:35:28-04:00August 29th, 2022|

Thank you to all voters!  On August 2, 2022, the people spoke by voting for 8 Ottawa Impact sponsored County Commissioner candidates that will preserve the freedoms and values which make Ottawa County an amazing place to live and grow. Ottawa County is a hidden gem on the left coast, the community forefathers came to West Michigan to practice religious freedom and it has grown into a strong, entrepreneurial economic engine that includes manufacturing, engineering, and generational family farms. Ottawa County’s lifestyle and opportunity retains its youth and has been the fastest growing county in Michigan for over 10 years.

While door knocking during the primary campaign, I listened to many engaged, thoughtful community members who were willing to share their concerns about the current state of Ottawa County and the validity of the November 2020 election. I heard four overwhelming issues and over the next 2 weeks I will share my position on these issues including what I plan to “DO” as a county commissioner to return power to the people.

  1. Election Integrity – Voters expressed concern that the election system is not secure and that their vote does not count. They want to ensure that elections are being conducted in an honest and transparent manner so that our officials are elected by and represent the people.
  2. Parental rights – The pandemic and subsequent home schooling created an opportunity for parents to see how divisive teachings and hypersexuality was brought into our school systems without transparency. It is the parent’s right to guide their child’s care, education and upbringing.
  3. Health freedom of individuals, parents, churches and businesses – The mask / vaccine mandates and lockdowns exposed the government overreach on personal freedoms. Voters saw their medical freedoms infringed upon by employers, restaurants, schools, businesses and churches. Individuals and parents should have the freedom to make voluntary health decisions for themselves and their own children.
  4. Land and environment – Lake Michigan is the western border of Ottawa County and the largest Great Lake. Residents want to know why the county is struggling to supply water to homes and businesses. Why the county continues to rely on diminishing glacial and bedrock aquifers?  What has the Ground Water Sustainability Initiative accomplished for the citizens of Ottawa County? The people of Ottawa County will be good stewards of our lakeshore environment, but we also want to be energy independent, energy secure and carefully consider the positives and negatives of all energy sources, including reliability and impact on jobs.

I can assure you that we are aligned on these critical issues and if elected on November 8, I will steel my resolve and fix this. I can’t wait to go to work for you.